Practice vs Pushing - Workouts for 7/29/19

Ok, here we go! This is a really challenging week of workouts. Stick to your level colors and keep the intensity high!

…relatively. Relative to how you’re feeling. This is a concept we talk about, but probably not often enough. CrossFit is hard (If you haven’t noticed). We’re working to push the boundaries of our capabilities to enjoy a beneficial adaptation. That pushing of boundaries, that adaptation process, is debilitating. It can then be compounded by lack of sleep, improper nutrition, or countless other variables.

If you show up and you’re feeling sluggish or weak, you should still move around, participate, but treat it as practice. Days like that are completely ok. The same goes for GOOD days — you nailed your sleep, you ate perfectly, your technique is dialed in, and the pan is HOT. Do the cooking. See what you can do. Push hard. Push the boundaries. Compete against your inner voice or previous personal best.

Let’s bring it this week! We have excellent level-up opportunities!

Monday - Deadlift

Wednesday - Upper body pull (pull-ups)

Thursday - Squat endurance